WACK in the U.K. Vol.3

WACK in the UK vol.3: Japan’s BiS, MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN, and ASP set to Rock London on 28 August

Get ready for an unforgettable musical experience with WACK in the U.K. vol. 3 at The Underworld in London on 28th August 2024! This groundbreaking event brings the explosive energy of Japan's cutting-edge music scene to the heart of the UK. Featuring an all-star lineup from the WACK (Watanabe Artistic Creative Company) family, including the international debut of iconic girl-group BiS, the chaos of MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN TONAIBOUSHO a.k.a. MONSTER IDOL, formed from the survivors from Japanese TV talent show MONSTER iDOL and the return of noisemakers ASP, this event promises a night of high-octane performances, genre-blending sounds, and electrifying stage presence. "WACK in the UK" is not just a concert—it's a cultural phenomenon that will immerse you in the rebellious spirit and innovative artistry of Japan's hottest musical talents. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this thrilling adventure!

The Line-up:


BiS, the trailblazing Japanese idol group, shatters conventions with their rebellious spirit and genre-defying sound. Known for electrifying performances and daring, avant-garde style, BiS delivers raw energy and unfiltered emotion, captivating audiences worldwide. Don't miss their explosive set—it's a musical revolution you need to experience!


MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN, Japan's quirky idol sensation, brings infectious energy and unique charm to the stage. Blending catchy pop tunes with eccentric performances, this dynamic group captivates with their playful spirit and irresistible hooks. Get ready for a fun-filled, unforgettable show that will leave you smiling and dancing!


ASP, Japan's electrifying idol group, ignites the stage with their fierce energy and charisma. Fusing hard-hitting rock with catchy pop melodies, ASP delivers unforgettable performances full of raw intensity and bold presence. Don't miss their explosive set—it's a thrilling experience that will leave you wanting more!

WACK in the U.K. Vol. 3

DATE:Wed. 28th Aug. 2024


VENUE:The Underworld (London)


General and VIP tickets on sale from noon London time on Friday 5th July


General Tickets: £30

VIP Tickets: £120 – strictly limited. It includes:

· Light lunch with the members

· Cheki photo with group of choice

· Cheki photo with member of choice (plus autograph)

· Exclusive T-shirt (Japanese XL size)

· Early entry to the show.

· VIP ticket holders do not need to purchase a general entry ticket.

To upgrade via DICE please purchase a general ticket, then log into your DICE account and choose the upgrade option.



12:30 – VIP light lunch and cheki event

14:00 – Cheki ticket sale begins for general ticket holders.

14:30 – General cheki event

18:30 – VIP early entry

19:00 – General entry

19:30 – 豆柴の大郡都内某所 a.k.a. MONSTERIDOL

20:15 – BiS

21:15 – ASP

22:00 – End

About Cheki event:

Cheki are a type of polaroid style photo that is popular in Japan. The VIP ticket already includes 2 cheki opportunities. Further opportunities, as well as opportunities for general ticket holders, will be available by purchasing cheki tickets from the mech stand. Each cheki ticket purchased will allow for one cheki to be taken with a member of the ticket holder’s choice.

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